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FabTek Products[/three_column]

[three_column]FabTek Industries LLC designs and manufactures doors, windows, hatches and hardware for all sectors of the marine industry.
We offer a full line of fire rated and non-rated closures for the transportation, work boat, super yacht, offshore and cruise ship industries. From work boats to super yachts, fast ferries to cruise ships, [/three_column]

[three_column]FabTek supplies well-engineered, well-styled and well-crafted custom closures to suit your requirements.
We offer light weight closures for onshore vessels as well as medium and heavy duty closures for offshore vessels. Our full line of closures are designed and engineered to suit your specifications.[/three_column]

Meet the team

[divided_left]Our team has manufactured marine closures and custom products for many of the leading shipyards worldwide for the past thirty years. [/divided_left][divided_right]We understand build schedules, project management, innovative engineering, highest quality manufacturing processes and customer service. [/divided_right]


Our mission

To supply innovative, well engineered products, focused project management and unequaled customer service.

We embrace the philosophy that “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler”- Albert Einstein

[divided_left]We take great pride in every product that we design and manufacture. You will receive timely quotations, on time deliveries and unsurpassed quality and value.

Our commitment to total project management, from your first contact to final commissioning will reflect these values.[/divided_left][divided_right]Upon completion, this website will be a useful interactive tool with all of our designs displayed parametrically.

This “toolbox” will allow our customers to develop closures online, import these details into their general arrangement, request a quote and confirm design details.¬† This process will greatly reduce the amount of time required to generate approval drawings while also insuring that our customers receive the proper fit and function for their application.[/divided_right]